One Cloud Smart Edition


Cinnamon Pancake

Sweet and delicious cinnamon coated pancakes. This is a great anytime of the day treat!

Coffee Latte

Rich smooth coffee latte to enjoy with your favorite biscuits.


A beautifully whipped, sweet, lip smacking, melt-in-your-mouth freshly baked cupcake.

Diddly’s Strawberry Condensed Milk

A Nostalgic squeeze of sweets condensed milk with a subtle note of strawberry.

Granny’s Chocolate Covered Nougat

Creamy and chewy nougat filled with nuts covered in a thin coat of chocolate.

Grape Shot

A power shot of grape like no other.

Honey Crunch Cereal

Golden flakes covered in honey. Your favorite breakfast treat.

Kiwi Apple Ice

Juicy iced apples and kiwi.

Lolli Snappers

Lolli Snappers – Fruity Ice Lollies.

Mr. Mint

A soft and sweet blend of menthol and mint.


Introducing One Cloud Industries Plush Fruit Cocktail
Plush Fruit Cocktail E-Liquid is a combination of guava, peach, grapes, pineapple, strawberry, berries, and cherries punched into a great tasting cocktail.

Red Pineapple

Red Pineapple – delicious red raspberries and pineapple.

Vanilla Gelato

Vanilla Gelato E-Liquid is the sweet and milky vanilla ice cream flavor vape juice.
75% VG 25% PG
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Cinnamon Pancake, Coffee Latte, Cupcake, Diddly's Strawberry Condenced Milk, Granny's Chocolate Nougat, Grape Shot, Honey Crunch Cereal, Kiwi Apple Ice, Lolli Snappers, Mr. Mint, Plush, Red Pineapple, Vanilla Gelato

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