Yeti Ice Cold E-Liquid


Yeti Ice Cold E Liquid is a wonderful range of ice cold, frozen fruit flavoured vape juices from the team at Yeti. The perfect taste for a warm summer’s day, these exquisite e-juices have every right to be considered an all-day vape.

Apricot Watermelon

Polar watermelon crystals catapulted into a wall of frozen apricot, one person’s idea of fun is another’s recipe for deliciousness.

Blood Orange Grape

An expert blend of ripened blood oranges with a sweet grape undertone. A combination few expected, but are certainly glad has arrived!

Blueberry Peach

A superb contrast of sweet blueberries and succulent peaches finished with a cool icy sensation on the exhale.

Blue Raspberry

An absolute classic. Sweet sugary candy tastes combine with fruity tones of fresh juicy raspberries, topped off with an intense blast of mint menthol.


Juicy cherries blended with a sprinkle of sugar and laced with an intense menthol blast.

Dark Fruits

A magical blend of dark fruits, combining sweet berries with an icy chill.


An exhilarating, charged combo of sweet summer berries and a crushed ice energy beverage laced with cool menthol.


A light and sweet combination of deep dark berries topped off with lashings of mint.

Honeydew Blackcurrant

Fragrant slices of honeydew melon combined with deep dark grapes, providing a medley of sweet tangy flavours with an icy taste on the exhale.

Orange Mango

A deliciously tangy taste of freshly sliced and squeezed oranges combined with the tongue twisting tropical tang of plump mangoes with an icy exhale.


Yeti Strawberry is a deliciously refreshing vape featuring a prime selection of plump ripe strawberries sliced and diced to release a host of sweet flavours with an icy taste on the exhale.


The uplifting and thirst quenching flavours of freshly sliced watermelon combine with a subtle but invigorating blast of minty menthol.


Ratio: 70VG/30PG

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Apricot & Watermelon, Blood Orange & Grape, Blue Raspberry, Blueberry & Peach, Cherry, Dark Fruits, Energy, Grape, Honeydew & Blackcurrent, Orange & Mango, Pineapple & Grapefruit, Strawberry, Watermelon

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